bernina 7 uffici a milano

A project for Milan resulting from a harmonious combination of architecture and its surroundings. B7 is a lively and multifaceted place looking towards the city of the future. It is designed for well-being and sharing, for stimulating freedom of thought and an open-minded approach to business and life.

Part of an evolving strategic centre at no.7, via Bernina, in the northern area of Milan, B7 stands in an attractive setting in the heart of a highly accessible area.

Open Scalo Farini

404,000 m², approximately fifty-six football pitches alongside each other. It is hard to imagine the sheer size of what used to be Farini Station, which will undergo an authentic metamorphosis over the coming years: this semi-abandoned railway station will be converted into the city’s new beating heart. The Agenti Climatici project will create an integrated and balanced ecosystem, a new urban grid in which public and private spaces will be set out strategically, combining natural and urban elements in accordance with such key guidelines as flexibility, durability, differentiated uses and inclusiveness. B7 offers an extraordinary viewpoint of the changes under way.
open scalo farini uffici bernina 7
mappa bernina 7 uffici milano
Via Cordusio 1
20123 Milano
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Piazza Armando Diaz 7
20123 Milano


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